My Etiquette and I
by Etienying Akpanusong

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My Inspiration.

In my desire to see a Nigerian society where myths like “African time” become a thing of the past, I founded a personal coaching platform called “Etiquette with Eti”, through which I have trained and influenced thousands of people including children, young adults, business executives, members of corporate organizations and the general public, via my social media platforms, personal/corporate private training as well as newspaper publications.

Today we have “My Etiquette and I” a project so dear to my heart.
This book serves as a guide for anyone seeking personal refinement and finesse.

The Nigerian society is one where people believe you are only granted access when you have people in high positions “connections bot”; on the contrary, just as Clarence Thomas said, “etiquette has opened doors for me where connections or educational qualifications did not”.

It is on this note that I have decided to share the secrets behind my elegance and poise, which are some of the major weapons in my arsenal.

What will you learn
from this book?

  • 1
    What Etiquette truly is.

  • 3
    Etiquette at home and in workplace

  • 2
    How to make etiquette a part of you.

  • 4
    And many more

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Just as Clarence Thomas said;

“Etiquette has opened doors for me where connections or educational qualifications did not”

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Etiquette and refinement is one true thing that'll open doors for you in the coming decade.
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