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My Etiquette and IMy Manners and I

My Inspiration.

Many people are dealing with social anxiety, unfulfilled dreams, regrets about missed opportunities robbed  by lack of confidence due to ignorance of how to behave in situations. The society at large is suffering a lack of social skills and disregard for other’s personal boundaries.

There is a way to live life more intentionally, take informed decisions, leave lasting impressions everyday you go and seize every opportunity to stand out of any audience, and Etiquette Expert Etienying Akpanusong can show you how.

My Etiquette and I is a revolutionary manual that will help every reader become poised, refined and more confident in themselves, leaving a little sparkle everywhere they go. In this easy to follow guide, Etienying teaches us how to become exemplary in a society where basic manners are fast diminishing, equipping us with soft skills that are evergreen even in centuries to come.

By focusing on personal refinement and growth, My Etiquette and I prepares you towards becoming a global citizen.

What will you learn
from this book?

  • 1
    What Etiquette truly is.

  • 3
    Etiquette at home and in workplace

  • 2
    How to make etiquette a part of you.

  • 4
    And many more

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Just as Clarence Thomas said;

“Etiquette has opened doors for me where connections or educational qualifications did not”
This book written by Etienying is an easy, informative read and if you take on board her guidance and advice it will stand you in good stead, giving you something that can be passed on for generations to come. You cannot, not afford to read this book, in doing so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Philip Sykes Principal and Founder, The British School of Etiquette.
Dissatisfied with permeating indiscipline and disregard for social conventions by a good number of Nigerians, Etienying Akpanusong offers us a placebo with
My Etiquette and I. Written in lucid prose and with the mastery of an adept coach, the author takes us back to the basics, reminding all of forgotten rules of etiquette and 'new' ones we need to imbibe to create an ideal society. Overflowing with fundamentals of courtesy, My Etiquette and I is the ultimate goody bag and decorum recipe for all sexes. Next to the holy books, this offering is that life transforming bedfellow you should have
Henry Akubuiro Arts Editor, The Sun, Lagos
Etienying Akpanusong's My Etiquette and I is a refreshingly succinct reminder of those subtle, yet edifying minutiae of our daily self-expressions.

The well-outlined codes of conduct in this handy guide book highlight those qualities that not only prioritise our true humanity but also make us less obtrusive in our daily interactions. Inevitably, our character-building project expresses itself in the due consideration and respect we show to others and their personal space.

Okechukwu Uwaezuoke Editor (Arts & Review) THISDAY

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Etiquette and refinement is one true thing that'll open doors for you in the coming decade.
My etiquette and IMy manners and I